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Nobodez Purrfect

A guide to understanding the things that can make us different

(for teachers, students, families, and everyone else.)

Why I Wrote this Page?

This page was written (by me..more about me link) as a project for a graduate course I took (fall 1998) in educational methods, emphasizing intervention strategies for learning environments. It is intended as a site to educate and inform people about the various "impairments" which students have which prevent them from learning in the "normal" fashion. Each section contains brief information about the disability and links to sites which provide more information. I hope you find this site useful and informative.

Going by the Books: Laws that can Help

This section provides information about disabilities, special education, and the law. It includes info and links to the American Disabilities Act, special education laws, and ways schools can and should help special needs students.

Special Education Systems

Common ways that schools set up classrooms and learning plans for special education kids, including special classrooms, regular class inclusion, and IEP plans.

The Imperfections Among Us

More in-depth descriptions of specific disabilities, as well as referals to several other sites filled with information. Please click on the appropriate link(s).